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After 20 years of producing thousands of videos for so many memorable events and amazing clients, the top priority at Elixir is still creating high-quality product and maintaining great customer relationships. Our goal is to entertain people by capturing all the small, emotional moments of the day – the love, the laughter, the tears …Often events happen quickly and to the participants, are just registered as a blur…Well, that’s where we come in and provide everlasting memories that can be cherished and shared forever.

A little about me personally. I grew up in Dallas, went to film school at The University of Texas at Austin, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of Hollywood. After spending almost eight unforgettable years working for some top studios and talent agencies, I returned home to Dallas to start my own video production company, Elixir Entertainment.

Watching this business grow each and every year has been quite fulfilling. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to work with the fantastic families and schools and corporate clients and participate in their life-cycle events in Dallas and throughout the country! As of 2023, Elixir projects have been produced in over 16 states plus Mexico and Costa Rica! Anyway, back to me…My younger brothers are twins and I am an uncle of six nieces and one nephew – they call me “Uncle JJ.” I’m a huge fan of live music, sports, movies and traveling.

I love running my own business and having the rare opportunity to enjoy my job while doing the things I want to do most in life. I think some of the qualities that make me stand out from my competition are my easy-going personality, my unique perspective on things I view through the lens, and the fact that I want everything that’s stamped Elixir to be of the highest quality possible.

– Jason Traub, President, Elixir Entertainment